We offer reclaiming as an affordable alternative to full asphalt removal & replacement.


What is Reclaiming

Reclaiming is the process of recycling old asphalt to create a new base or sub-base for your paving project. The old asphalt is ground together, compacted to harden, and uniformly applied after the driveway or roadway is excavated and graded. We will finish the project with shimming and overlay, ensuring the final product is even and flat.

Why Reclaim

Compared to a full asphalt removal and replacement, reclaiming is a more affordable option. Reclaiming is also environmentally responsible, as asphalt is 100% recyclable.

Factors to Consider


Size of the project space will play a big role in your decision to reclaim – if you have a small space, full removal and replacement may be more cost effective.


Note that any existing cracks in the driveway or parking lot will eventually reflect through the surrounding reclaimed area.


Reclaiming & overlay will last between 10-15 years, whereas a full removal and replacement will last between 15-20.


When weighing your options, you should also consider milling. Milling is the process of removing half of the old asphalt from the top in order to create more space for overlay – so reclamation is not needed. Instead, you can apply new asphalt on top.

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